Welcome to the Unapologetic Reset. The party officially gets started February 5th. Be sure to download the watch guide to get familiar with speakers and check out our virtual lobby.

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Hi! I’m Rachel, your host for the Unapologetic Reset! I wanted to welcome you to the reset and to our virtual lobby where we’ve curated a retreat vibe just for you.

I run an online platform centered around owning my grief and encouraging others to live their best life on purpose. As a young widow and bone marrow transplant survivor, I am no stranger to heartache, loss, or hard seasons and invite you along in my own journey to self to help you open the door to your personal healing.

I live life in Dallas, TX and is all about self-care, wellness, and rosè. As the host of the Rosè with Rae podcast, founder of Unapologetic Womanhood, and creator of Daily Rae, a daily encouragement text -- I make it my mission to live my best life on purpose and to invite you to do the same.

Starting February 5th, you can dive into our amazing speaker sessions and when you need a break, the lobby is waiting for you.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out: [email protected]

This reset is on demand and go at your own pace, so take your time to get the most out of your experience. You will have unlimited access - meaning the sessions will never expire and you can access them at any time. Login Here with your email + password you set at checkout to start your reset and pop back over to the Virtual Lobby whenever you need a break. 

If you need support, please email [email protected]